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Nature and Wildlife Protection



We work for nature conservation and wildlife protection.


Your help is a huge boost to our nature protection work.

Join the movement becoming a Nature Guardian from 10$ per month.

It's just a piece of plastic, thought


1$ = 1 Kg trash removed

We’re here to clean natural areas as forests, rivers and coastlines while working to stop the inflow of plastic by changing consumption habits

We recover trash from the beaches, rivers and forests. Protecting natural areas, we protect wildlife

Our clean-up operations take place in France, Australia and Indonesia

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Acting for nature and wildlife protection


Nature Guardians is an environmental protection company. We speak out and fight for a world where nature, wildlife and people thrive. We are proud to be independent and funded by your participations. 


We are people passionate about natural environment and we are really affected by the nature damages caused by human activities. Pollution of nature, ecosystems destruction and animal abuse are subjects of major importance for us and every day we fight to protect nature and wildlife.


Acting for nature and wildlife protection


Our way of life damages and destroys many natural ecosystems. The various plastics we use every day end up mostly in nature and the oceans. 

Our actions are mainly reflected in clean-up operation of polluted areas and large-scale communication to raise general awareness of the need to protect natural areas. 



Animal suffering caused by humans is numerous and diverse. Breeding in poor farming conditions, exploitation as a tourist attraction, hunting, poaching, intensive fishing...

Every day we campaign and communicate on a large scale to raise public awareness of these outrageous practices.

We also support local associations in France, Australia and Africa to stop the hunting and trapping of animals.


Environmental education and awareness raise essential issues in terms of behavioural changes, new knowledge and the capacity of everyone to act every day to conserve natural areas and their fauna and flora. It is important for both the youngest and the eldest to be aware of the threat to the wonders of nature.

By our actions and communication, we act every day for a better people sensibilisation.

Acting for nature and wildlife protection

We operate thanks to our supporters's subscription to our newsletter.

Subscribing to this consulting program through a monthly financial support you permit us to continu our actions for a better environment preservation. Your subscription directly help nature preservationAnd by the way you are considered as a Nature Guardian.

 Also this subscription automatically register you to a draw to make you win some gifts.

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Becoming a Nature Guardian you permit us to :

- Fight against plastic pollution

- Support animal welfare

- Bring awareness about nature protection necessity

As an independent company, we rely on gifts like yours. Without the generosity of the people who care for and value our planet, we could not do all our actions




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