World Wildlife Protection


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World Wildlife Protection Organisation

The Nature Guardians’s mission is to contribute to the global preservation of the environment and biodiversity through protection and conservation operations and communication !

The Nature Guardians is a young french environmental structure founded in 2019 by Jeremy MARTIN, agricultural engineer and nature passionate.

Environmental issues are dealt with at the global level by the Nature Guardians, not at the level of a state or a continent. The strength and uniqueness of the Nature Guardians is that it is the only organisme in the world that understands all the environmental problems on a global level and manages them in a TRUE and honest way, making this difference its mark and its footprint in the World.

The Nature Guardians is a totally independent, integral organisation that operates without subsidy and is not affiliated with any political, ideological or religious entity or group. It works only by the subscription of its adherents and its benefactors (societies or patrons).

The objective of the Nature Guardians is to protect the wildlife and to correct the past errors made by the human being who has already strongly altered its environment. It strives to restore nature area and to give directions to continue it quietly and sustainably to our children and future generations. Good operations and god education will enable these goals to be quickly reached.

The themes advocated by the Nature Guardians are mainly : biodiversity (fighting endangered species) , deforestation, rapid return to normal air and water quality at global level, global warming, energies, Fight against all pollution (land, oceans, plastics, insecticides, waves, radiation, etc …).

Do not hesitate to join us, unity is strength !