World Wildlife Protection


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At Nature Guardians, nature and wildlife preservation are subjects that are close to our hearts. Our actions along with your support help us to conserve natural places, protect wildlife and create a link with the future.

The subscriptions to our draw game is an excellent way to support our cause and give back to your community in a sustainable way. All the benefits are dedicated to clean and protect natural areas.

Sales man / Fundraiser

(First level)

Embark with Nature Guardians... This is an opportunity for you to make some money while helping to protect the environment. Based in France and Australia, Nature Guardians carries out operations aimed at protecting nature, in particular through communication campaigns, operations to protect naturel areas and wildlife and supporting associations working towards the same goal.


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What we do

We are a business dedicated to the nature and wildlife protection. We are mainly involved in clean-up operations of polluted areas, but we also support local associations support and do environmental sensibilisation. We operate through our customers subscriptions in a monthly gift draw. Thus their participation through a monthly payment allows us to maintain our actions for nature protection.

The work

We are looking for autonomous and motivated salespeople. You will have to sell our subscription to the monthly gift draw. 

For that you must be dynamic, smiling, like to convince, have a taste for performance, have a good presentation and elocution, be directive and be actively listening.

You can sell this to everyone. You can begin and train with your family and friends if you want.

Subscribing to the draw the customer become a member of our community and by the way a nature guardian.


Your mission

  • Search for new customers

  • Sell subscriptions to our services

  • Contribute to customer loyalty.

Work time

Time range according to schedule:

You manage your own schedule. 

Start when you desire, stop when you want. Restart when you want. You are your own boss.


Remuneration is 30% of sales. Sale one time and earn every month all along the customer subscription duration. More you work, more you earn. This is a good way for extra money.

Example 1 : Sale a 20$/month subscription --> Receive 6$ each month (all along the customer's subscription duration)

Example 2 : Sale a 60$/month subscription --> Receive 20$ each month (all along the customer's subscription duration)


As an experienced salesman or not, your earnings are not limited and depend of your motivation.

Ready ? Download the following document and start when you want.